Diploma Club

I’m the only one out of my high-school clique to go to University. The rest of my pack, for whatever reason, did not make the grade. Some were 3% short of the essential 70% average to be deemed fit for post secondary. Some saw no point enrolling in another half decade of education after years of being told they were lazy and a failure. Why would anyone pay money to continue being told they are disruptive and shitty? My little brain just happened to tick the right way for administrators, and I had a stable family who supported me through all my academic woes. The rest of my peers weren’t as lucky.


Now my clique is in their early twenties and late teens, and coming to terms with the fact they are forever going to be undervalued. Common sense is now trumped by the paperwork attached to someone’s name. Diplomas and alma maters are required for anyone to be hired into high-tier professions, as apparently they are the chief means of establishing some one’s capabilities.


Those who grew up hard-scrabble in my gang are resourceful and mature, forced to figure out the world very early. It takes skill to eat everyday when flirting with the poverty line, and a tenacious attitude to make money after every resume is refused because they didn’t graduate high school. Even if the grades don’t reflect it, it is in my formally educated opinion they are intelligent. The issue is that interviews count accreditations, not anecdotes.


The members of the diploma club come from a different stock. It isn’t that they enter the gates of higher education and blossom into learned, liberal minds. They have been fostered from families where stresses were where to go on vacation, not how steady the roof at home was. A comfortable home life entails a successful academic career, as free time is devoted to textbooks, not part time jobs and grocery shopping for the family.


Post-secondary favours the vanilla kid, who stayed in and studied and got the grades to go to school. This pushes out and ostracizes new ideas, and although the fringe can succeed, it should not be impeded by mainstream education. If someone’s idea’s don’t meet the status quo, why is it they are inherently wrong. Approaching problems differently is the beauty of being human, if we were all the same it would be a dystopian novel.


This system breeds worker bee’s ready to file into high-paying jobs and live high-end lives. They establish themselves through unpaid internships because they can afford to not work. This “valuable” experience makes them eligible for “valuable” positions, the “valuable” diploma makes them a “valuable” hire and the cycle continues. Educating professionals to tick the exact same boxes as every other professional could be why we live in such a broken society.
Educated individuals are denying climate change because they are reputable enough to do so. Hate crimes against minorities are becoming appallingly average, condemned by a system which breeds intolerance to minorities. The kids in school who were different than the rest went to special classes or were examples of how to fail a course. After instilling that assimilation is the path to success, people grow up to hate those that are different or they don’t understand. Coincidence or causation? Common sense is valued less than the paperwork attached to someone’s name, and the diploma club is full of professional idiots.


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